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Best Rice Cooker

4 toxic cookware

Here are a video explaining about frying pan toxics

Which Pan Is Right For You?

If you ever hesitated which the right pan type for you ? is it stainless steel, cast iron or ceramic? Here is a video that explaining which is the right pan for you:

An Ode to the Microwave Oven

Life without it is unimaginable
A kitchen appliance that's truly reliable
Cooking, heating, defrosting, you name it
It can give you a hot meal in less than a minute.
Built-in or countertop, every kitchen needs this invention
With most food, microwavable is a popular option
Just remember to not include metal or foil
Or you'll go back to using a pan and some oil.

Pyrex Portables Baking Dish with Insulated Carrier, Clear with Black Carrier

Pyrex Portables 4-piece set incorporates 1-every 9 by 13 by 2-inch molded rectangular dish, 1-every 9 by 13-inch-water blue plastic spread, 1-each hot pack, and 1-each water blue protected bearer. Pyrex Portables sustenance transportation framework incorporates a protected sack and hot and cold packs in a perfect world fit to fit casual and versatile ways of life. Pyrex Portables permit occupied, in a hurry buyers to take their preferred supper any place they go (hot or cold) fixed in the dish it was cooked in. Simple, no spills, no trouble. There's not a viable alternative for Pyrex, the first glass bakeware. Presented 90 years back and made of a strong, high temperature material, Pyrex remains the perfect vehicle for protected, trustworthy sustenance planning.

On the off chance that you cook primary dishes to take puts, this is an unquestionable requirement have. The Pyrex goulash and top are equivalent to the ones you can purchase independently or with different accumulations: an incredible broiler to-table-to-ice chest piece with no requirement for foil due to the fixing top. The hot pack and protected spread truly keep things hot to take with you (still hot at any rate 40 minutes out of the broiler), and are helpful so you don't need to stress over spills or consumes. Basically microwave the hot pack, slip it into its pocket, pop the top on the meal and pack it straight from the broiler. The handle makes the bearer simple to convey. There is space to pack a serving spoon, and so on. There's a spot for an ice pack in case you're taking something chilled rather, however one is excluded.
Item Features
• Perfect for shipping nourishment to gatherings, potlucks, and picnics
• Form-fitting protected bearer has space for utensils, napkins and fixings
• Hot/cold pack keeps your nourishment as it cooks right temperature
• Pyrex glass is protected in the broiler, microwave, cooler, cooler, and dishwasher
• Made in the U.S.A.

Sassafras La Cloche Brick Oven Review

This heavy stoneware dish and lid from Sassafras brings an ancient Roman and Greek cooking method to the present day. Once used as a portable oven for cooking bread, fish, and meats, la cloche (or cooking bell) now helps modern cooks bake lighter, crustier bread and juicier fish and meats. The dish also doubles as a rustic serving plate for finished foods. To use, arrange dough or meat on the bottom dish, cover with the domed lid, and place in the oven on the lowest oven rack. Be sure to season the dish and lid before use with a coating of cooking oil for best results.

I had wanted one of these baking dishes ever since I read about them in Carol Field’s book THE ITALIAN BAKER. My wife and I received one as a wedding present and I have now baked bread in it multiple times. It does indeed make a difference in the texture of the crust. After years of experimenting I had never been able to achieve that especially crisp crust that you get from a bakery, until now. Another plus is that the dough’s final rise inside the covered dish obviates the need for plastic wrap. I lately have purchased the rectangular “baguette” version of La Cloche at an outlet store, and have found it to be a more practical shape for day to day baking. The original bell-shaped La Cloche is great, however, for making large, round hearth loaves or a cluster or dinner rolls.

used La Cloche to make bread with, specifically San Francisco Sourdough, with SPECTACULAR results. The crust was crisp but chewey, and I could not imagine baking another loaf without it. But after I used it the first time, the bottom developed a crack. After a second use, the crack became so large that I will not use it again for fear it will break during cooking. I called Sassafras Enterprises (800.537.4941), and for $8.00 to cover shipping/handling they are sending out a replacement bottom. Their customer service was outstanding, and I feel they build a quality product. I also purchased the rectangular version of La Cloche, and I have not had an issue. Perhaps our La Cloche was damaged during shipping. I would have rated it 5 stars otherwise.

Convection Oven Vs Conventional Oven – A Complete Guide

Use of ovens makes the cooking more easy and fun for all types of cooks. Everyone needs to follow a small procedure only for using such stuff. They need to prepare a mixture and place in the oven for a specific time period. During that time, the home cooks can focus on various elements.

For all these things, the cooks are required to choose the perfect type of oven first. All types of dishes or food cannot be prepared in a single kind of oven. Mainly you can see the option of conventional and convection ovens.

Some cooks do not understand the difference between both types of ovens. Mainly they are trying to get key differences and choose the suitable one. If you are one of these people then the upcoming factors can assist you in availing several benefits.


Facts related to convection oven

The convection ovens are manufactured by paying attention to lots of factors and following a completely different design. The individuals can see a specific exhaust and fan system in the oven. The system is becoming useful in maintaining a balance and provides better cooking results.

If you are looking for a good countertop convection oven click here to check out this website which discussed earlier some of the best models in the market today.


Reasons for choosing convection oven

If you are wandering and want to know what makes the convection oven good then check out following reasons.


Ø  Quick cooking

Time is essential element for everyone. All wants to save time and invest it on the beneficial activities. cookers that do not have lots of time for cooking they can choose convection ovens. With the help of these ones they are able to avail several benefits.

The use of these ovens can help you in cooking quickly. The main reason behind all these things is the method of cooking. It targets the food directly and blows hot air on the food. Due to it the food becomes ready within a few minutes.


Ø  Save power

As compared to the other ovens, the convection ovens are taking less time for preparing food. Consuming less time in operations will lead to several benefits. The biggest one is consumption of lesser energy or power. Here, the users can get numerous benefits. With all these things, the interested ones can use it for baking and roasting.


Facts related to conventional ovens

The conventional ovens are considered by numerous home cooks and chefs. These ones are used by the people from many years. In these types of ovens, the source of heat is fixed. Mainly it generates heat from the bottom and cooks or bakes inside food items.

Mainly you can say that it works completely similar to the gas. The difference it functions on the basis of electricity. With all these things, it is associated with numerous benefits.

The use of these types of ovens is much easier. If we talk about the way of cooking food then you can get lots of benefits here. Another major benefit is related to the recipes. There are numerous recipes available that you can proceed with the use of conventional oven only. You should try to buy the best one that can help you in preparing delicious food quickly.

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Hamilton Beach 33967 Set ‘n Forget 6-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

I found this slow cooker on, and they have the following to say about it:

Family Size 6 quart oval Programmable slow cooker with flat panel digital read-out and stainless steel base for easy storage and clean-up, plus separate temperature probe for large cuts of meat.

No more over cooked or under cooked beef or poultry as the probe reads the internal temperature as it cooks and automatically switches to keep warm once set temperature is reached.

Operates in three different cook settings including manual cook mode. Easy to read LED digital control panel and timer for setting preferred cooking time.

Other features include a clip-on spoon and a clip-tight gasket lid.

The avarage customer review is 4.3 stars (66% gives the Hamilton Beach 33967 5 stars, and 83% gives it either 4 or 5 stars).

We love this product! The features on it are fantastic. We especially like the probe setting. You simply insert the probe into your meat and it will monitor the cooking process until the meat has reached the desired temperature. It then automatically switches to a low setting to keep your meal warm until you are ready to eat. There's no guessing how long it will take to cook. Throw in a few vegetables and have a home-cooked meal with very little fuss!

Another awesome feature is the clip-tight gasket lid. It's perfect for traveling to pot-luck dinners without worrying that you will ruin the upholstery in your car from a spill.


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Here is a video review of the Hamilton Beach 33967:

Mr. Induction SR-182C 1800W Commercial Induction Review

Recent advancements in the technology of induction countertops means they are now not only more affordable, they are also superior to traditional gas cooking ranges in many ways. Increasingly, induction countertops like the Mr Induction SR-182C 1800-Watt Countertop Commercial Range are replacing traditional gas ranges in commercial kitchens. At around $355, this induction countertop is one of the most reasonably priced and reliable you will find.

Mr. Induction is a fairly new name in the induction cookware market, but as their name suggests, they are serious about expanding the use of induction cooking. They offer a number of products of differing power levels, with their 1800-Watt induction countertop being the lowest-priced and lowest power level in their commercial range. You can find it on Amazon now.

The Mr Induction Countertop Commercial Range is perfect for the small restaurant owner who wants to get into induction cooking without an expensive remodel. While not an entire range meant to replace the use of gas, being the great product it is, I can pretty much guarantee that once you try it you will be tempted to make a full switch to induction cooking.

This induction cooktop cooks food quickly and it is much safer than a traditional, gas stove. All of the heat produced stays in the pan so there is no wastage, and with there being no flame, the dangers of using natural gas are eliminated. Even when an induction cooktop is on, it produces no heat until a pot is placed on it. These cooktops are extremely safe, coming as they do with sensors that detect how much magnetic metal is placed on them, so you can rest easy knowing they cannot be activated by jewelry or other cooking appliances that are operating nearby.

When it comes to temperature induction cooking is as precise as, or even more precise than, gas cooking. The Mr Induction SR-182C 1800-Watt Countertop Commercial comes with 20 different power levels and two cooking modes. Any temperature changes you make kick in instantaneously. Induction cooking is energy efficient. If you swap to an electric induction cooktop, 90% of every dollar you spend on energy will go straight to the pan. Compare this to gas which delivers 55% to the pan and traditional electric 65%, and you will see the savings are enormous.

Cleanup is a breeze with the Mr Induction Countertop Commercial Range. Its flat top means that unlike many traditional cooktops which have grates that attract drips and spills, a quick wipe over with a damp cloth will be all that's needed.

Mr Induction SR-182C 1800-Watt Countertop Commercial Range offers a great introduction to induction cooking for anyone who is not yet sure if this cooking method is for them. Ideal for small restaurants and coffee shops, once you try it you will quickly come to appreciate its many benefits, and I think you'll be hooked!

The Black & Decker CM4000S 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

The Black & Decker CM4000S 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker is a stylish and functional coffee maker that will enable you to make coffee for one or up twelve people, quickly and easily. Costing around $25, this affordable coffee maker would be a great addition to any home or office.

Made by Black & Decker, the CM4000S is available to buy on Amazon. Its quick-touch programming system means you can have a cup of coffee ready and waiting for you whenever you want one. Easy to clean and a pleasure to use, this is a great coffee maker that won’t let you down.

The Black & Decker CM4000S 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker is the ideal choice for anyone who enjoys a nicely brewed cup of coffee. With the ability to make up to 12 cups at the one time, it’s perfect for families or any occasion when a few people are extra thirsty.


Whether you prefer your coffee strong or weak, the brew strength selector on the Black & Decker CM4000S will enable you to make it just the way you like it every time, with no guesswork involved. This great feature will be especially appreciated by anyone who is serious about their coffee. The Black & Decker CM4000S 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker heats the water to a high temperature, so you will always get a hot cup of coffee. When the temperature of your coffee is as important to you as the flavor itself, a lot of care and attention needs to be taken to get things just right. The CM4000S ensures you get a fuss-free, perfectly heated cup of coffee every single time.

When you want a coffee in a hurry you won't go wrong with the Black & Decker CMS4000S, which brews coffee a full 2 minutes faster than similar coffee makers on the market today. This is great news for busy people who don't have time to hang around waiting for coffee to brew. For those times when you just can't wait, the special sneak-a-cup feature will let you grab a cup of coffee before the brewing process ends, without spilling a drop. It does this by enabling you to momentarily pause the program, a fabulous feature which makes for mess free "coffee on the run."

The Black & Decker CMS4000S is equipped with a handy feature which alerts you to when the machine needs to be cleaned. A quick clean with vinegar and water is all that will ever be needed.

If you love to drink coffee every day, then this is the coffee maker for you. The Black & Decker CM4000S 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker is very easy to use, and it can be relied upon to produce that ‘just right’ cup, time after time. Though relatively inexpensive, quality is not compromised, so there’s no need to spend a lot more money on a coffee maker that will essentially work the same way and may not give as good and consistent a result as the Black & Decker CMS4000S.

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